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Are you interested in helping victims of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking in our community?

Direct-Service Volunteer Roles

Help Line Advocates answer the 24-hour help line, taking evening and night-shifts at any point 365 days a year.

Help Line Advocates work directly with victims of domestic, sexual and  violence and human trafficking providing support, referrals, and general information.

Before interacting with clients, volunteer advocates practice with agency staff and trainers with rehearsed scenarios.

DCRC has developed close relationships with Duke University Hospital and Duke Regional Hospital. If ER staff identify a patient as a victim of Intimate Partner Violence, an HR Advocate is dispatched to provide support during treatment

As a Hospital Responder, you are the first contact between DCRC and clients after a traumatic event.

Hospital Responders work directly with victims of domestic and sexual violence providing support within the hospital, followup referrals, and information on DCRC services.

Court Advocates assist the staff of the Family Justice Center, located in the Durham County Courthouse.

DCRC Court Advocates support clients filing Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO), provide emotional support in criminal and civil court and assistance navigating the court system.

Court may be a traumatic time for clients, and advocates exist to make the process as painless as possible.

Community Outreach Volunteers provide and promote education, prevention, and awareness about sexual, domestic and family violence and human trafficking to various community groups including schools, churches, civic associations, etc.

If you feel your community needs help addressing domestic and sexual violence, agency staff will work with you to tailor information to your needs.

More Volunteer Roles

Volunteers are needed regularly for our penniesforCHANGE Thrift Boutique, a program operated by DCRC, located on Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard. The mission of the store is to generate on-going revenue to fund agency programs and services. Responsibilities span the spectrum of daily retail operations and include advocacy training.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Regular weekly/bi-monthly shift

  • Small group opportunities are available (limited)

  • Individual and group special projects also available, including the Client Fresh Start Program, shop garden management, and targeted donation development

  • Summer Internships available (rising juniors/seniors) for 20 hours/week

  • Complete on-site orientation, training, and trial period

  • Ability to commit to a regular 3 hour shift weekly or bi-monthly (daytime hours)

  • Must be at least 16 years of age

Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers work with the Fund Development Committee to provide ideas and assistance with fundraising projects for DCRC. Volunteers participate in a variety of events, assisting with everything from planning to publicity to welcoming guests at an event on an as-needed basis. Volunteers should be somewhat flexible and able to see projects through to their completion.

  • Prior fundraising experience is preferred but not necessary

  • Must be organized and energetic

  • Must have reliable transportation, email, and phone

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

Administrative volunteers assist staff with office duties, data entry, filing, and other day-to-day administrative tasks.

  • Must be organized and punctual

  • Should be flexible and able to multi-task

  • Must be available during office hours

  • Must have reliable transportation, email, and phone

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

One-day Project opportunities are available for people who want to help but have schedules that don’t allow them to volunteer on a regular basis.

1-Day project volunteers participate in periodic planned activities that can be completed in a single day, such as food/clothing drives, painting, community awareness events, and other such projects.

Donate to
Durham Crisis
Response Center

Durham Crisis Response Center relies on donations from individuals like you to provide vital services in our community.

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