Help Line: 919-403-6562

Linea de Ayuda: 919-519-3735

                                                                                                                                                                       General Questions: 919-403-9425


Our Mission

The Durham Crisis Response Center works with the community to end domestic, sexual and family violence and human trafficking through advocacy, education, support and prevention.

Get help

If you are in danger, someone you know has been hurt or assaulted, or you just want to talk,

Call our 24-hour help line
English: 919-403-6562
Español: 919-519-3735 (Crisis Services) (Family Justice Center) (Rape Prevention and Education) (Immigrant Services) (Volunteer with us) (Shelter questions) (General agency questions) (Board of Directors Contact)

Who We Serve

What We Do

Who We Are

Shine Your Light with DCRC

With the constant change of COVID-19 and our need to respond to the health of clients and staff, DCRC will be working remotely. 

Our 24-hour confidential and free English and Spanish help lines will operate as usual. 

 The Family Justice Center will continue to support clients with safety planning, assistance with domestic violence protection order filings, and information and referral, via phone, during court hours (8:30-5 pm Monday – Friday). 

Shelter services will continue to be available depending on open space. 

All individual and group counseling services will continue remote and available for survivors.

We appreciate our volunteers who give their time to support the mission of DCRC. Thank you for the minutes, hours, and days. 

 If you need help, we are here to help.

Help Line: 919-403-6562

Linea de Ayuda: 919-519-3735

Durham Crisis Response Center (DCRC) is located in Durham and is the sole provider of comprehensive shelter and support services for those in need of help in the aftermath of domestic violence, sexual and family violence and human trafficking.

Get Involved

Help support the mission of the DCRC by donating your time, money, or participating in one of our fundraising efforts.


The Durham Crisis Response Center has many opportunities to volunteer.


We rely on donations from individuals like you to provide vital services in our community.


Shop or donate used items to support DCRC’s mission through our thrift store, penniesforCHANGE.

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